Company Introduction and request for meeting

Engaging the attention of a prospective client.

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Dr. Soon called Olga into the office. "Amy's been with me for three months. She told me you have been helping her out quite a bit. I have a new potential client I want to meet. I know that you have a lot on your desk right now, but would you mind training her to do some of the more routine stuff?"

Olga shrugged. "She's a willing learner and a bit brighter than most secretaries I've met. Okay, no problem, as long as she doesn't waste my time."

She walked out of the VP's office and went straight to Amy's desk. "Amy, collect all the information you can on the new client Dr. Soon wants to meet. Ask him first how he plans to approach them then talk to the engineers to find out how to match our product to their needs. Come see me after you’re done."

It took Amy a few hours to shuffle through the information on her desk and to talk to the relevant people. By 4.00pm she was ready to see Olga.

Information obtained
New Client
Company Name: Gadgets2Go Pte. Ltd.
Contact Person: Ms. Susie Spins
Designation: President of Procurement
Address: Kuching
Tel: 6082-xxx
Fax: 6082-xxx

Sales of Client
Product: High Tech Toys, assemble on order
Region covered: South East Asia, India and China
Selling Method: Outlets, telemarketing, internet and mail order
Reported Sales Value: US$ 200 thousand in 2005, US$ 212 thousand in 2006
Reported Market Share: 2% of the region
Product applicable from Here_And_Now: Centralised communication centre - customer service, technical support, inquiry, responses, order management, complain management through phone and internet.

Person to Meet Client
Name: Soon Le Mah, Dr.
Designation: Vice President
Department: Sales and Supply Chain Management
Direct Line: +60-xxx-xxx (Direct)
Direct Fax: +60-xxx-xxx (Direct)

Olga said, "Keep the customer information at hand for Dr. Soon but don't fill your introduction letter with them else you will end up with a 10-page letter. Telling a customer about themselves is also a little tacky because you might get some information wrong and offend somebody. Just give a brief introduction of Dr. Soon, explain how he knows about them, a short sentence on why he thinks they will want to learn about his service and finally tell the client that you will call the office to set an appointment."

"Why do I need to tell the client that I will call her office?"

"To make her expect your call. That way she can have a date ready when you phone, or alternatively she can tell you she's busy and can't meet. Either way, it is a way to remind her to make a decision. And don't forget to attach a brochure. Ask Dr. Soon if he wants to add extra stuff with the letter."


Ref: Gadgets/130307-01

Date: 13 March 2007

From:  Dr. Soon Le Mah

Vice President of Sales and Supply Chain Management
Direct Line: +60-xxx-xxx
Direct Fax: +60-xxx-xxx

To:    Ms. Susie Spins

President of Procurement
Gadgets2Go Pte. Ltd., Kuching
Tel: +60-xxx-xxx
Fax: +60-xxx-xxx

Dear Ms. Spins
Re: Request for Meeting

I am Dr. Soon Le Mah, the Vice President of Sales and Supply Chain Management in Here_And_Now Inc. We are a company that supply state-of-the-art call centre services to fast growing establishments such as yours, to help them minimize the cost of their expansion.

I have learnt of your company through your promotions and am very impressed with the reported growth rate. You currently cover 2% of the regional market share and I expect that your business will continue to expand. The other option to hiring more people and increasing your overhead is to outsource a portion of your business. I would like to meet with you to show our range of services that could help you control cost in the areas of communication with your customers, and improve your service to them at the same time.

Attached are a company brochure and a list of existing clients for your perusal. My secretary will call your office a week from the above date to set an appointment for our meeting.

Yours truly,

Dr. Soon Le Mah


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